A batchtools future is a future whose value will be resolved via batchtools

  expr = NULL,
  envir = parent.frame(),
  substitute = TRUE,
  globals = TRUE,
  packages = NULL,
  label = NULL,
  resources = list(),
  workers = NULL,
  finalize = getOption("future.finalize", TRUE),
  conf.file = findConfFile(),
  cluster.functions = NULL,
  registry = list(),



The R expression to be evaluated


The environment in which global environment should be located.


Controls whether expr should be substitute():d or not.


(optional) a logical, a character vector, a named list, or a Globals object. If TRUE, globals are identified by code inspection based on expr and tweak searching from environment envir. If FALSE, no globals are used. If a character vector, then globals are identified by lookup based their names globals searching from environment envir. If a named list or a Globals object, the globals are used as is.


(optional) Label of the future (where applicable, becomes the job name for most job schedulers).


(optional) A named list passed to the batchtools template (available as variable resources). See Section 'Resources' in batchtools::submitJobs() more details.


(optional) The maximum number of workers the batchtools backend may use at any time. Interactive and "local" backends can only process one future at the time (workers = 1L), whereas HPC backends, where futures are resolved via separate jobs on a scheduler, can have multiple workers. In the latter, the default is workers = NULL, which will resolve to getOption("future.batchtools.workers"). If that is not specified, the value of environment variable R_FUTURE_BATCHTOOLS_WORKERS will be used. If neither are specified, then the default is 100.


If TRUE, any underlying registries are deleted when this object is garbage collected, otherwise not.


(optional) A batchtools configuration file.


(optional) A batchtools ClusterFunctions object.


(optional) A named list of settings to control the setup of the batchtools registry.


Additional arguments passed to future::Future().


A BatchtoolsFuture object